All men are pigs and deserve to die?


The men do not complain nor defend when he insults himself to them publicly as a whole, since he becomes in this book.

Imagine the one that would be armed if a book therefore were dedicated to any other group! And we do not say if the group were susceptible to be considered biologically inferior!

However, to the men it does not matter to them either that one says that they are biologically inferior and worse than the women. In fact, this inferiority assumes to them by system. For example, it is only necessary to pay attention to the unconcern before his smaller life expectancy, that has grown as much lately, until locating itself between the 6 and 14 years below the one of the women. Or its high index of suicides and penal population. Never suspects that it can be to have greater difficulties in the life that the women!

And, if it is not by this, it must be because one assumes that they are weaker and worse by nature. Nobody is bothered by these prejucios, that are implicit in all the administrations, parties, unions, universities, intellectuals, etc. and who are made explicit occasionally. Without causing, therefore, no reaction of defense.

Image: “ALL the MEN ARE PIGS AND DESERVE the DEATH”, book that did not cause any reaction of critic when it appeared in the showcases of the bookstores at the beginning of the 90.

Not only the men did not react to appear this book that identifies them with the pigs,
but that those that militated in parties or that went of intellectuals tried to congratulate to us
thinking that the book it we had written. They Even seemed to before be sorry not to have had the idea!