The faulsness and the cowaedice of the adults is extremly cruel for children. Is the moral absence of father.
The crazy boy: who they do not respect the rights take by crazy people to those who reason

All of us seem to be in the favor of the equality,
but some years ago a professor went to the psychiatrist

and he complained about what it is not possible to be said, that
what is obligatory to teach, is in fact prohibited.

Yes, said the psychiatrist ,
it just as in the days of Franco
(spanish dictator 1939-1975) when things could´t be said.

Now there are others and the only thing that can happen
to them
it is to say about them that they are crazy,
although all of us know they are telling the truth.

For example, a patient boy of mine said once to me:

- If all of us are equal, why my collegues

will not have to do military service and that i have to?

The professor requested the psychiatrist who exposed these
disfuncions at a certain assemblee of psiquiatry,

theat it is not right to take as crazy people

the children who reason,

nor to prevent their teachers to learn them to think.

But i did not want to listen to him and i told him that i would return, because it´s good to tell to someone these things.

The investigator Martin Seligman says that
defenselessness makes difficult the learning and
resistance to the death
Yes, it is certain that it is necessary to have someone to speak, thing
more necessary than having sexual relations.
But if without doubt we can speak with a psychiatrist
that is listening us receiving...    is 
like having sexual relations only with prostitutes.

Without innocence, we can not speak about freedom:
If our leaders do not guarantee the honesty
which suppose to respect the rights, 
while they are the most inclined to ignore them
or to despise them.They will not be able to speak about freedom to us, nor  to communicate
their values to the children.
The increasing of scholastic failure and the numbers of deads
between young people is acordingly with the effects of
defence indicated by Martin Seligman.Both of the sections mentioned above are much greater at men.

mortalitat from 24 to 35 anys Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain):
The mortality of the young men
it increased more of the 150% in 8 years and 
the suicide is already the 2ª cause
The enigmas

Who decides what can be said and what not?
What lies should we swallow and why?
From what we believe what is an evident lie?
It is good that Science hides us the truth, that justice does it,
and that all of us act as if we did not see anything?
This is relating to parents,
teachers, intellectuals and leaders.

It is good to speak only paying?
Neither friends, nor relatives, nor intellectual want
to speak. There are enigmas that do not present an interes to nobody,only if it is
one crazyboy, and that nobody cares is the greater enigma.

Legend in
ex- libris of
Sigmund Freud:

Who the famous ones
wise person also
he was the best one

Oedipus knew
It solved them?

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