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When a universal ideology is based, along with the policy derived from her, on a falsification, the effects must be terrible without fail. Konrad Lorenz

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Can anybody* think that we are a "Rule of Law State"? *Informed, but mind-blinded.

Can someone with two fingers front think that we are a "Rule of Law State"?

In order to reason an answer, we must define what we understand by the "Rule of Law State".

The Rule of Law State exists there where the authorities prevail making an effective right and respect this right.

Only with this elementary definition we have sufficient arguments to see clearly that we are not a "State of right", because our authorities do not think they must respect certain fundamental rights of certain citizens.

Also it is certain that nobody is fighting for the ideea of respecting these rights. It is logical to say this because our authorities are governed by the thought of obtaining the maximum of votes, reason why they would violate the rights easily if they are not electoral beneficial. Literarily they will not respect the rights if they think that they would make them lose the votes.

But if the violation of rights is electoral beneficial and even if it counts on the acceptance of all the political forces and of practically all the citizens, it does not mean that it is not violation. If this general conformity in the violation of the rights justifies the violation, the judges must not be condemned nor jerarcas Nazi nor those who yielded before the social pressure of the masses and exclued the Jews of the "Rule of Law " (the concept "inri", is originally German, Rechtsstaat , literaly "Right State" or "State of Right" in continental Europe).

A citizen of the III th Reich who is rational and coherent, would not have the Reich like a "Rule of Law State" (Rechtsstaat), just as it was then, by very Nazi that had been this coherent citizen.
For the same reason, a present citizen of the self-appointed "Rule of Law States" would not have to consider these "States of right", no matter how much is in the favor of the violation of the rights of the citizens now, as they were with the Jews.
For that reason we are not in the favor of respecting the rights, we are not a "State of right".

Sure if we considered the"State of right", we are not rational, nor coherent. We deceive ourself. We did not think about it until the violation of our rights bit us very ruthlessly. in general, we do not agree to be deceived, nor to deceive ourself. We do not think about this. No need to worry.

Ay, Ay! How painful it is to know that knowledge it does not help the one who knows! Sófocles, Oedipus King
_____________________-¿It doesn´t help?Are you sure?

Justice would deserve one more a more serious critic.

Self genocide states of fiction-rule of law

Who are these groups at which we did not think about and whose rights are violated?

Consider the reader who at finding out the answer his emotional reaction will be similar (probably) to the one of a German citizen under nazism before the attempt to denounce the violation of the rights of the Jews. Surprise? Indignation? Or, simply lack of interes,skepticism, and disgust: "I do not understand it...".

The reader observes in the graphic on the right the official rate of mortalities of young people in the late1980, 85 and 90, separated by sexes. The rate of mortalities of both sexes reach a minimum towards the age of10 , and remains the same until the age of13-14. From there the mortality rate of girls raises in a slow and regular way. But from the 15-16 years the mortality rate of the boys undergoes a quite steep step,thing that does not be seen girls.At the age of20 the mortality rate of boys is double than the one of the girls with the same age.

But this was until year 1985. Because in 1990 this rate of the mortality of the boys almost had been duplicated.

It is this reality compatible with the official dogma in which girls and women are the only ones who have problems to go on living and dealing the problems(because of their sex ), the only ones "who are forgotten", discriminated, etc.? These graphics show rather the opposite,but nobody carries.

This reality is not compatible since nobody worries about these differences of mortality that accumulate,and after few years the number reaches million of deaths. Let us think, for example, that in Spain there are about 2 million widows and only 0.2 million widowers, and the major part of this difference is due to the fluctuations of the rate of mortality. ( see "" Ignored "Deaths" => in the thematic Map)

The official dogma is not compatible either with the fact of maladjustment of children in school or their greater scholastic failure, aso. Until goes to the fact of being able to kidnap without falling in responsibility none the investigations that detect this reality, dismissing the whole equipment of investigation, breaking the education law that orders to correct the detected differences, etc. WITHOUT PRACTICALLY NOBODY PROTESTS. The "State of right" is based on the publicity of the violations of the right that can be produced. If this publicity does not take place, the rights can be continued violating in an unrestrained fashion, reason why guarantees of the "Stateof right "do not exist. And this is much more certain in case the victims are smaller under the "responsibility" of the administration...

The greater mortality of the men has, evidently,
social causes. And their greater maladjustment and scholastic failure are already detected in the school by. But, contrary to which
it orders the law, these differences do not want to correct itself, which, obvious, must contribute to the difference of mortalities
later. This violation of the law, against the defenseless minors would have to be considered, at least, a criminal negligence,
or, even, a murder of many, if one considers
hidden interest to produce these deaths in youth

If those who have the power are men,
why do they an have interest in killing men?

How it is that king Herod commanded to kill all the young smaller men of 2 years? And the father of Oedipus, Layo (Layo=zurdo), had tried to kill him in the case of being a girl?

The men are the competitors of other men. The young boys are the future competitors of the adult men. They compete for power and for women.King Herod tried to kill all the babies between 3-2 years old, according to the prophecy, who profetised about the future anointed king. Therefore Herods killed them all. And also according to the prophecy, the son of Layo would remove him from the throne and the bed of his woman, Yocasta.For that he tried to kill his son.

These stories true or not represent the competition, and the rivality and the jealousy between men, even between the adults in power and between children and young people. According to the men in the power, neither the children nor the young people need their rights : "they don´t have problems, they do not need them, they only need the protection of women, etc. "

They pretend to do a great efort to think not only at men but at women as well. But the women are what are they more interested in and men are seem to be an obstacle. Therefore, they try to destroy them in mass from early childhood, sabotaging their education and giving them tendencious information.And then follows the destruction of its victims.

The respectation of children´s rights and those of young people would put some limits to this fight against competitors, just as the right of living should have set some limits at the desires of Herods and Layo. Therefore, our present leaders are breaking the limits of the State of right, of the law, and are harming their competitors. But with it do not only produce millions of deads between the youths, but they are breaking the same guarantees of the State of right, and enslave the judicial power,who criminal aims.???????

These phenomena appeas more abrupt and are more accusing in the States that come from other type of regimes and have been inorporated to the democracies without people in charge that have experience in respecting the law and individual rights, as they are the cases of Spain and Russia.

Traditional Discrimanacion of men

The men also have been traditionally discriminated . And these discriminations have leaded to their death avoiding the one of women. They were educated to be brave and even to despise their own life. It was easy to send them to the war and gave them dangerous jobs.

Even today men have a 3000% more of mortal labor accidents than women. It was a discrimination as we have mentioned before because it would have be a shame to save their own life and let women to die in a case of shipwreck.It was an honor to die for women and use this sacrifice for the developement of woman in the society.
But to try the death of the men with violating their rights, denigrated them.

But this traditional dicrimination was not only legaly acepted,and the discrimination between sexes was legally accepted which the men died instead of the women, as he happened in the shipwrecks: for it would have been a shame for men to save their life and leave women to drown.For women it wouldn´t have be a shame but the contrary,their life were the most important and it were their right to be saved first place.

This discrimination of men is now completely forgotten.It was a discrimination, but a utile one(helping women to be saved) and an honor for men(using their util sacrifice for women and society).But using men´s life as a base to violate their their rights,or although ignoring them and counterfait the reality,denigrating the ones prejudiced,and we can remember the women who collaborated.

The inscription says:
The one that solved
the famous enigmas
also it was
the best man

Mortal discrimination of women

Exits also traditionally, the cancellation or destruction of women by rivalry with other women?

Yes it exists, and it has been strongly reflected in traditional fairytales, like the "Cinderella", "Snow White", "The woman without hands", etc.
Due to it the "stepmother", the "witch", is the most perverse personage for children. And it always acts by jealousy against the beautiful heroine. According to recent studies the stepmother is in fact the disguised mother. The rivalry between mothers and daughters is very current and sometimes the dissimulations are broken.

The difference is that the competition between women is confined to the domestic scope, whereas the competition between men passes more to the public and political aim and traditionally shapens the necesity of men to go to the war and do everything what is physically dangerous.

If women had occupied the political power, surely it wouldn´t be the same. In fact, the Romans were surprised when they´ve encountered women soldiers in the Iberian Peninsula. For the Roman onesthis was inconceivable. But, surely, it was the consequence of a certain matriarchal power.


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The common idea of the King Edip association is that the public powers would have had respected all the rights of all the citizen without making exclusions. Therefore we name ourselves "against the legal exclusion".
This principle of legal exclusion does not agree with the one of equality before the law, that we also cal it "The Principle of Antígona", because nowadays everybody recognize himself as a partisan of the equality, but nobody accepts the equality before the law and these exceptions are considered more then "obvious " exceptions.King Edip Associaton,on the contrar considers these exceptions to be not obvious and they must not exist. We will call it then "The Principle of Antígona" at the beginning, the equality in front of the law with truthfull heart- without exceptions and not as they are understood by the publical powers at the moment.